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I’ve been a fan of the original japanese animation series (Hana Yori Dango) and needless to say I watched the Taiwan and Japanese version too. However I can’t make much comparison with the Japanese version as it sort of lost its attraction for me after the first few episodes. As such, below is purely my own opinion of the korean version so far compared to Meteor Garden.


Domyoji Tsukasa

I can’t decide who I prefer but Lee Min Ho definitely looks and acts the part. First glance at their promotional poster, I wasn’t too sure yet if he could assume the role, but after the 2nd episode, all doubts vanished. well.. don’t anyone find that he actually looks /acts a teeny bit like Mike He from Taiwan(see below)?? I think the resemblence is much closer on screen. Jerry Yan gives off the more manly vibe compared to Lee Min Ho and definitely has the ‘rich’ look.


Hanazawa Rui

Comparing acting skills, I must say that Vic Zhou is better than hyung joong although they were both newcomers in acting. But based on appearance, Hyung Joong is a better fit for Rui. I hope Hyung Joong’s acting gets better in the next few epsiodes. (so far I prefer him in scenes without lines >< )

Makino Tsukushi

 Certainly Goo Hye Sun is outstanding as Makino. Barbie Xu is good in Meteor Garden, but its too far off from the original manga character. After watching Pure 19, I didn’t think that Goo Hye Sun will make a good Makino, but after watching her in the 2nd episode, I must say that she has grown into her role well. Although she’s older than the F4 cast, it’s not that obvious in the show and I’m beginning to feel the chemistry between her and Lee Min Ho.


However, the korean version feels so FAST. After only the second episode, Min Ho looks like he’s interested in her already. And even the storyline is much faster than that of the manga or Meteor Garden. Barely 2 episodes and its already to the part of the party aboard the cruise. hmm so what are they going to do in the next 22 episodes?

Overall, I am beginning to prefer Boys Before Flowers.

1. There is less violence and the storyline is more believeable. In Meteor Garden, you see people tied to cars and being ‘dragged’, motorcycles burning, bloood etc. Too horrifying for a high school isnt it?

The littering of swimming pool is simply hilarious. Watch Jandi’s expression as she attempts to clean up the pool!

2. The setting is much more classy and elegant. You really get the feel that its an elite school and wow RICH. The buffet style in their cafeteria was.. awesomee. Well, it definitely beats the normal looking one in Meteor Garden. The school compound is classier and I must say that alot of effort is being put into all minor details.

Loads to look forward to. Jandi’s little brother is especially cute.

I do wish the storyline will slow down abit though. ><


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