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Boys Before Flowers is sure a good platform to increase your popularity and definitely the best show to debut in.

And the newest artiste to benefit from the attention is none other than Lee Jung Joon (이정준).

No idea who he is yet?

He’s none other than Gong Soo Pyo, who in the drama, is the boyfriend of Ga-Eul. The one who went on a double date with Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) and Jandi (Gu Hye Sun). Now, I’m sure you remember.😀


After his appearance in Episode 9 and 10, Lee Jung Joon has attracted much attention from netizens, clamouring to know more about him.

Here’s the basic facts. Lee Jung Joon, born in 1982 (27). Debuted in Boys Before Flowers in 2009. Click HERE to access his cyworld page.

” After the episode was aired, I received many calls from my friends. Everything now feels so amazing and new to me. I have read everything that was written about me in the Internet. There were alot of positive comments, and I’m really happy. Before my debut in Boys Before Flowers, I’ve never stood in front of the camera.. so I was really nervous. … ”

(excerpt from an interview. For the original article, please click here)

According to the article, Lee Jung Joon tried to audition for the F4 roles, but was rejected as he didn’t fit with any of the F4 images. During the 2nd round of auditions, he tried for the role of the student who attempted suicide in Epiosde 1, and again failed. Finally, in the 3rd round of auditions, he got the role of Gong Soo Pyo.


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Click HERE to access the clip.


For a person who has never acted before, he really did a fantastic job. It’s lucky for him (and for us) that he didn’t get the role of the student in Episode 1.  (We won’t have the chance to drool over him then.) This role is far more meatier, with more screen time too.

Netizen’s comments generally have been positive, and he’s described as HOT by many. I’m looking forward to his appearances in other dramas already.😛


Throughout his career, he will be fondly remembered as the guy who dared to call Jun Pyo his ‘younger brother’ and to exclaim that his hair looks like a croissant.

 ‘이봐 준표 동생, 머리가 완전 소라빵이네’