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I approached this drama with no expectation. After reading the short sypnosis on wiki addicts, I thought it would be a passably good show to fill my time. But just 5 min into the show, I’m hooked.

It’s that good.

I’ve never been bothered with episode recaps (too lazy with too little time) but I’m probably going to do it for this show. (I won’t do the whole show, but just pick out scenes which I like) Before we get into it, I must say that I’m impressed with the directing and already in the 1st episode, we can a good glimpse of the personalities of each character. Usually it takes a few episodes for things to get clear, but episode 1 was already a great deal of fun.


In the first scene, we see the lobby of a typical apartment in Korea and we get a glimpse of the different families and people living on each floor as the camera moves up. A young couple having some friends over for dinner, a couple cuddling their toddler, a wife suspicious of her husband and demanding to check his phone, a family discussing school stuff over dinner, an elderly man giving his wife a massage… and finally a zoom in into the home of our bachelor male lead, Cho Jae Hee (Jin Ji Hee).

[I like the contrast displayed here. Did you realise that in all the apartments, you see families? It’s all full of life and you see the beauty of relationships (well, if you count quarreling as part of the beauty of life (:). It’s a stark contrast from the loneliness in Jae Hee’s bachelor apartment. The quiet and empty atmosphere. ]

Jae Hee is chopping up a humungous piece of steak for his dinner, clearly enjoying the process and his solitary peace(we later learn that he loves his meat medium rare). Just as he’s about to take the first bite of  his succulent steak, his phone rang. So typical.

Clearly annoyed, he picked up the phone in a brusque manner. It’s his co-worker Hyun Kyu (Yoo Ah In), calling to remind him of a party at Mr Jung’s house. As the architect of Mr Jung’s house, Jae Hee’s presence is required and Mr Jung wanted to introduce new clients to him. Before Hyun Kyu could elaborate, Jae Hee put down the phone.


At the hospital, Dr Jang Moon Jung (Uhm Jung Hwa) enters with a flower basket from one from a patients. The nurses gathered from her slightly annoyed poise that she’s going on a blind date.

Nurse: ‘Doctor, you are going on a blind date right?’

Moon Jung: (shocked expresion) ‘How did you know?’

Nurse: ‘It’s written all over your face – A N N O Y E D’

Fast forward.. and we see Jae Hee arriving at Mr Jung’s party in an absolutely ridiculous suit. (we later learn that Mr Jung is a fashion designer and that was one of his masterpiece). Mr Jung recently got a new wife and had another interior designer fix the house. As he and Hyun Kyu toured the house, Jae hee becomes increasingly irritated when he saw his creation being redesigned into a love hotel.

At the party, we see Jae Hee at the buffet table, scrutinising the food before placing them on his plate. While he was examing a few strands of pasta, a pretty lady besides him striked a conversation.

Lady: ‘You like spaghetti?’

Jae Hee: (surprised look) This? Spaghetti is normally 1.9mm thick. (holds the spaghetti closer to the lady) This is too thin, isn’t it? To be more specific, this isn’t spaghetti. Rather this is called spaghettini. The thinnest pasta is 1 mm thick. They call it angel hair pasta

Lady: (shakes her head and walk away in shock)

Jae Hee: (unaware) In Italian, it would be capellini




[I loved this part. Really brings out Jae Hee’s socially akward character. Nothing wrong with being knowledgeable, but that’s uncalled for when a pretty lady is interested in you]

When his co-workers Yoon Ki Ran (Yang Jung Ah) and Hyun Kyu chided him for his lack of social skills, he feigned nochalance.

[but we get the impression that he cared – a little]

Moving to Moon Jung’s blind date.

Moon Jung’s father has set up a blind date for his daughter and we see the party turning up dressed in a fur coat. From the conversation, we gathered that he’s an MCP and he dictated that Moon Jung gives up her job in the hospital and set up a private practice.

Unaware of Moon Jung’s feelings, he went on..

‘My mum will probably give you the money to set up the practice. My grandmother owns a building and the first floor is currently a convenience store. You could set up your practice there.’

[Moon Jung is in her 30s and her dad is really worried that she would never get married. In this scene, we get a glimpse of the pressure a typical korean woman faces. It seems like the guy is blissfully unaware that he is causing Moon Jung to feel uncomfortable. You get the impression that he’s positive Moon Jung will be happy about the arrangements. I hate guys like this.]

My favourite scene of episode 1! The DVD rental shop.

Jae Hee enters into a dvd rental shop and proceed to choose 2 titles. We see that he’s a regular of the shop through his conversation with the guy over the counter.

Guy: ‘You are only borrowing 2? Two on weekdays, six on weekends, that’s your routine, isnt it?’

Jae Hee: (shoots him an irritated look) Why are you prying into my privacy?

Guy: well, its not that..

Jae Hee: Oh, tomorrow’s the weekend.

Guy: yeah…

Jae Hee: (glares at guy but then turn around to get 4 more titles)

Guy: that come to 6 in total..

[This really brings out Jae Hee’s character. I’m sure most of us will be pleased (well secrety pleased) if the shop owners recognises the routine of his regulars. The guy was just trying to be friendly but Jae Hee thinks otherwise. To Jae Hee, the guy is intruding on his privacy and he’s irritated that the guy has grasped his habits. To Jae Hee, the guy probably seemed over friendly and overstepping the boundaries of ‘shop keeper VS customer’. He hates his that people are pretending to know him well.]


urghh, episode recaps are wearing me out and I sincerely respect those who can do it for an entire drama. So I will leave you guys with Jung Yoo Jin (Kim So Eun) in a Legally Blonde moment. (:



yoo jin and sang gu

yoo jin and sang gu

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 hmm I guess I’m better off covering the news of this drama. I’ll prefer it to doing all the recaps😄 I’ll be keeping an eye for this drama and posting more pictures soon!