합격!! ^^

Actually, right after my last post, I managed to check my results! However, class was starting soon and I wanted to write a nice post to celebrate! ^^


I can’t believe my eyes when I saw the results!!😄 SOOO HAPPY. (Should have written the post straightaway to capture my happiness at the moment more accurately!)

Vocabulary/Grammar 78
Writing 81
Listening 87
Reading 88
Total Marks: 334/400
Average Marks/section: 83.50
Level 4 PASS

yayyy!! ^^


TOPIK is divided into 3 different papers: elementary (level 1-2), intermediate(level 3-4), advanced(level 5-6). In order to obtain a higher level pass, you need at least 50 points per section and average score of 70.

Frankly, I didn’t expect to get a level 4 pass. This was my first attempt at TOPIK exam. I know full well that my Korean proficiency is really limited and even though I am starting to read korean books, there are alot of things that I still don’t know. There’s still a long way to go for my speaking skills and I definitely I don’t think I possess level 4 speaking skills.

Looking at the results, I realised that I’m still weak in my grammar and vocab. Shall work harder for it ^^ I’m really pleased with my reading section. (All that Kpop news reading and translations helped!!)

Much thanks to my korean friends who are always there to answer my questions!

And thanks  to everyone for all the encouragement~!!❤