wasn’t intending to blog, but I just found this article that’s really.. well, interesting (: For those of you who are too lazy to read, it’s about how some virtual lover app targeted at single men gained huge popularity, because the prerecorded virtual lover Mina will send you msgs at regular times of the day, saying 오빠~~ in those flirtatious mannerisms.:/

It’s too bad the developer decided to charge a fee for it from now or I’ll download it and see what’s the hype over it😀

This brings me to another point. I know that girls often call their older boyfriends 오빠~ but this term can also be used for older male friends. I’ve yet to be able to differentiate between these two uses and sometimes I wonder I’m sending out the wrong signals if I call someone 오빠. Maybe the meaning depends on the tone of your voice? hahaha I have no idea.

But seeing how popular such applications can get, it makes me wonder how it feels like to be called 오빠. The significance of it. >,<

Any opinions?

I won’t go so far to say that people who downloaded this app are ‘desperate’. For those who have PAID for it, erm, well, it’s your money. (: They should come up with a version for girls. And get someone sexy like T.O.P to model for the app. If he will call me 자기야~~~ and say 사랑해~~ the whole day…

Then, maybe I’ll consider buying it.😀😀

I kid.