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I’ve just spent a frustrating 20 minutes trying to find a way to open .hwp files on mac and finally I found a solution! (I even discovered something really cool and useful – more on that another time)
For those who don’t know, .hwp files are very common in Korea and it’s from a Korean word processor software.

Don’t bother downloading any weird software if you just wanna view (and not edit) the files! THINKFREE is one of those online sites with word processors functions and it allows you to open .hwp files (among others) online without even the need to sign up for an account. The best thing is, you can even convert the.hwp file into a .pdf file such that you can view it offline!

I’m too lazy to do a tutorial. The 3 main functions you will need are on the right, 1st row of the 3 icons.

문서보기: view documents
PDF 변환: convert to PDF
HWP 보기: read HWP documents

How cool can things get?

I have yet to explore other functions, will do so soon! (:

In case you are curious why I was searching for a way to open .hwp files, the answer is:

I found Secret Garden (시크릿가든)’s drama script!!😀😀 and it’s in .hwp format.

The rest: CLICK HERE

NOTE: The 2nd link is a Naver cafe and it requires you to have a naver ID and to join the cafe before being able to download the scripts. I have yet to finish downloading, so I’m not sure if they have the full 20 episodes (looks like it though). It’s not very nice to take the scripts and upload it elsewhere, so please don’t ask me for it ^^ If I’m not wrong, they are all fanmade and that must have taken alot of effort. There are loads of drama scripts in that cafe~!

NOTE: The first link contains .txt files. They can be read online directly but you may to have to change the encoding of your browser if you see funny symbols instead ^^

I’m gonna spend my free time looking at the scripts and trying to speak like 주원 hehehe. 꺄~!