Sounds familiar?😀

I wanted to write along the lines of ‘you shouldn’t study just for the sake of passing exams’ and this came to my mind. In case you haven’t figure it out yet, I believe it’s a quote from Professor Dumbledore in the Order of Phoenix. I’m a huge harry potter fan, by the way. ^^

The saying is really true, and although sometimes i do happen to study for the sake of studying, I try to avoid it as much as possible. Especially when it comes to language learning. Between progress and process, I’ll rather place importance on the latter. All the joy is sucked out if you are just demanding to see results. And probably, that is the reason I hate books that claim ‘Master korean within 30 days’ or something along those lines. Rubbishhhh.

But I won’t deny that sweet sense of satisfaction at seeing yourself progress bit by bit, and understanding more and more. I’m sure we all share the same experience of going ‘omggg i can actually read this! I can understand what they are saying!’ ^^😀😀😀

That being said, I’m going to treat myself to some korean-studying time after I finish with this entry. The last time I tried using this book (a few months ago), I’m still having loads of trouble with the questions. I shall see how I will fare today.

The internet is slow. *grumbles*