For some strange reason, I love to buy reading materials that are higher than my current standard. I bought my first Korean non-fiction book when I could barely read even the first few sentences. But it’s a form of challenge and motivation to myself. Bought my first Japanese novel a few days ago! 窓際のトットちゃん (Totto-Chan – The little girl at the window). Of course, this is NOT a full fledged adult novel, and the book says its aimed at primary school kids. But still, it’s not exactly a children’s picture book too, but a whole novel.

I was tempted by the bilingual reader version of it, which has the Japanese on one page and the English one on the opposite page. A very very good resource for the language learner. However, it was more expensive than the full Japanese one, and I decided to create my own bilingual reader since I own the English version since I was a kid! ^^ The book holds particularly much meaning for me, since it was a book that I thoroughly enjoyed during my primary school days and I think it was recommended by a much respected teacher too ^^

And.. I’m surprised that I can read the book! With the Japanese naver dictionary of course! But it’s amazing and I definitely could read at an earlier stage compared to Korean. I’m slow of course, but at least I can read, and understand. I have a feeling knowing Korean does help ALOT, which probably explains why Koreans find it easier to learn Japanese compared to say English.

And I love how the Kanji has hiragana on top! I don’t think the adult novels have that. This makes my life MUCH EASIER.😀