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It’s been a year (and two weeks to be exact) since I last stepped into Sinchon and Edae, my favorite spots in Seoul. I think Sinchon will always hold some kind of special meaning to me, since it’s the place I stayed in Seoul during my first visit. Likewise, even though I should be supporting KU from now on, Yonsei still holds a dear place in my heart.

Walk out from the subway station and you will see this. I’m so used to shopping malls in Singapore that I don’t associate it with the rich but seriously, 현대백화점 is for the rich. It will never cross my mind to buy anything from the shopping malls in Korea. I can’t afford anything except food, and it’s luxury food. O.o

I’m glad the rain is over but this means the sun is out D:

The following video is probably the most boring video on this blog. You just see loads of ‘forest’ that is part of the route from the main gate to the KLI (Korean Language Institute) and the SK Global House. ^^

I think my camera makes everything looks 10x prettier.

I don’t know why, but the cafeteria in KLI has been on my mind since I arrived in Korea and I just HAD to eat there. I was craving 순두부찌개 and I’m glad it was on the menu that day. There’s a price hike I think, it’s now 2,800won and I THINK it was 2,500won last year. The whole sinchon area changed alot over the past one year and there were so many new shops and buildings that I’ve never seen and buildings that are being torn down too. D: It’s scary, actually. I’m glad the KLI cafeteria is still run by the Korean couple!

The rest area in KLI

Guess what I bought?

Tada~! It’s so typical of me to get books that have such titles. LOL I love walking around alone at times, but I don’t mind having one companion hahahaha.

A typical classroom in the KLI.

My home for the 7 weeks last year. I LOVE this place!!Lord Sandwich – the best sandwich place.

If I urm ever date in Korea, I’ll request my date to bring me here. hahaha. xD I only ate here once (takeout) last year and the sandwich is REALLY good. I find myself thinking about it sometimes. I’m on a budget now so I think I’ll leave it for another day.

The following is a much more interesting video where I will talk about the food around SK Global House!

This is the bakery where I got my lunch most of the time!
A new place that wasn’t there last year


waiting for the video to be uploaded so I can publish the post! Went to Edae after Yonsei and I’ll be writing about that in a separate post or else there will be too many photos in one blog post (urm overload?)

Anyway, met some friends after going to Edae and I’m really happy when one of them told me he read my blog and likes it! Murray, if you are reading this, THANK YOU!😀 I may get to review more Korean textbooks here soon~ so look out for that!

p.s. Apparently youtube is REALLY SLOW in Korea so I can’t upload the videos in 1080. 720 should suffice right? ^^