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I’m super tired right now~ but I decided I shall still blog today (although at a later time than normal). Been waking up at 7am and sleeping at 2am and doing so many things in one day for the past few days. D: Thought I’ll be okay to meet Ryan who just flew back to Korea last night from Cali. We had a very interesting adventure.

Flipped through my new tour guide book and the first place they recommend is Aiinsworld in 부천, 경기도. It’s a place where they have mini-monuments of all the famous statues/monuments in the world. The photos looked magnificent in the book and it was described as a place that is ‘different from other tourist spots in that you get to see, touch and read, and it can only be enjoyed if you walk slowly and read and learn about the place.’. A little hard to translate, but the description sounded good.

So I decided to go there with Ryan and we had to take a bus there. There were 3 bus stops and we did not know which one was correct. Buses in Seoul are horrible and I could rant about it in one post. After loads of queries, misleading information, stopping at the wrong bus stop, not knowing where to go and other obstacles, we finally arrived at the place! *excited*

We were greeted by a pretty fountain once inside the entrance.

The skies were beautiful~

Here’s a really interesting video. Pay attention to what Ryan is reading out!!

Ryan, you are reaching the top!! 화이팅~~!Here’s how the place is supposed to look at night!

Q: Having seen the above photos, do you think you will visit Aiinsworld if you are in Seoul?


If your answer is YES, my advice is please don’t. Unless you have loads of time and 10,000won to spare, don’t go. The photos look pretty awesome right? (both from the book and my photos) But let me tell you something: photos lie.

If you are living in Seoul, the place was super hard to find and it’s far away. It’s hard to describe, but the place is actually.. very run down. There weren’t many people around, save for a family and a few couples or so. The exhibits look …. really sucky in real life and they are mounted on those platforms, which makes taking photos so super difficult. Plus, there are too many roads and buildings around, it’s hard to get an angle and take a photo without all those background distractions. It was a horribly hot day and while the photos looked good, we were dying.

I don’t know how to describe the atmosphere there, but this totally was not up to expectations AT ALL. I had so much more anticipation and expectation for such miniature cities.

Doesn’t look that good now huh? haha it’s alright to visit it if you are in the area, but I won’t travel all the way from Seoul just for this. After today, I’m never going to believe that photos are a good judge of the real thing.

See you again? NEVER!

We were so disappointed with Aiinsworld, we decided to go back to Seoul and hit up City Hall. Ryan is an awesome photographer who usually use film cameras and although I have zero knowledge about photography, I love his photos. We went to Namdaemun, where there is this whole area selling cameras and related equipment. I couldn’t understand a single thing of the conversation between Ryan and his friend, but well, I did learnt a few basic things from Ryan today!!😀

Nice Patbingsu we had in a 떡집. ^^

We found this seat really hilarious as it’s a single seat facing the window and it’s totally separated from the rest of the tables (in an awkward manner). It’s the 왕따 seat😀

Me trying to look emo!

Ryan’s turn!

Went to Hongdae for dinner and met up with 경은 언니 from TTMIK! ^^ I think 언니 is getting prettier and younger by the year O.o

It’s 12am right now, shall bathe and then sleep. I’ll probably wake up at urm 12pm tomorrow😀 Exciting day tomorrow. I’m going for the 2NE1 NOLZA CONCERT!!!

p.s. The title is both a pun at our weird (mis)adventure to Aiinsworld and also something that I truly felt. Meeting Ryan was really awesome! Would have been even more if I wasn’t half dead and sleepy.