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I think this is an apt title for the series I will be writing about here~ I have so much to say of the culture of Seoul subways that I think I can write a book on it O.o

In the first post of the series, I’ll be focusing on the bad/weird. I haven’t figure out how to organise it. Some will be general posts and if I happen to have some urm interesting experiences, I may dedicate a post it too! Let’s see how long the series can last! ^^


I had a horrible day at the subways a few days ago. It was a day where I had to travel to a few places in a day and thus I was making a lot of transfers at the subway. I wasn’t feeling that good that day and my mood was terrible. And I had a more-than-usual horrible experience at the subway, which kinda leads to the idea of this series.

At one point of time, I was standing near to the doors and I was just spacing out, lost in my own thoughts and not paying attention to my surroundings. Suddenly, a waft of horrible stench hit my nose and I nearly jumped. I jerked my head up and saw this unkept guy standing back to me.

Unkept is too mild. He smelled and looked like he didn’t bathe for months and he was fanning himself with a paper fan. The people around remained quite oblivious to him -.- I felt so nauseated with the waves of horrid stench hitting my nose. D: He had a tangled mess of hair and I swear there were weird looking white stuff in his tangled hair. O.o

I faster made my way to the other side of the compartment and continued to observe the guy. There were a few guys standing in his vicinity and they looked so unperturbed that I wonder if such homeless(?) people are really that common in Seoul that it’s no longer anything out of the blue.

Having just lived in Singapore all these while, I am definitely not accustomed to seeing such people around. In my 21 years in Singapore, I have never seen / smelt someone that urm bad and I seriously think the MRT staff or the urm patrolmen will be alerted to such a presence in the MRT trains.

That day, I was pushed and shoved by at least 15 people (ajummas, young ladies / men etc) on the trains. If someone dared to do that to me in Singapore, I’d have glared at the person. But here, I seem to be an invisible person O.o


I’ll be blogging more general posts about the subway soon, but I’ll like to hear any good, bad, weird stories you have of the subway trains!!😀

Please share your experiences~~~