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The Seoul subway is an interesting place to be in and in my humble opinion, the fastest and best way to learn about the Korean culture. It’s like a crash course telling you what to expect of Seoul, and you seen all the good/bad/weird at one go!

I have seen so much weird things on the subway that I’m no longer perturbed. Here’s a random list of the stuff I have seen SO FAR.

Ajummas doing their tango (?) dance steps while waiting for the train

I was waiting for the subway and I saw from the glass reflection that the ajumma besides me was doing some kind of dance step. She was moving in a rhythmic way – step forward, step back, turn~ and swinging her hands. It was so obvious and, feeling rather rude that day, I just gave her an incredulous stare. Well, she didn’t stop and continue to do it over and over again and even getting uncomfortably close to me sometimes -.- She was humming under her breath too.

I thought I have seen an exception but it seems like this is more common that I thought. Just the other day, I saw another ajumma doing some kind of step routine while waiting for the subway. She was less obvious, but there was no mistaking of a ‘routine’ that she was following. O.o

(wrote the above a few days ago – it’s so hard to organise everything, so all random subway stories will go under this heading!)

Anyway yesterday I was on Line 2 when I saw this middle aged man trying to sell stuff. Sellers are divided into 2 kinds – the ones that are really trying to sell something, and others who are less ‘legitimate’ and closer to begging. This guy was the latter. He was just holding a tube of sweets (usually sellers have bags with their ware) and he was going to females only, and freaking TOUCHING their hands or something in a creepy manner to get their attention. And he will just bend down and put the tube of sweets in front of you. He freaked out a lady who was sleeping (!) and also the mother whose kid was on her lap. The mother was napping and got a shock when she opened her eyes. -.-

I was standing by the doors and I could see him approaching from the reflection of the windows. Before he could touched me, I gave him my blackest look and luckily he stepped away. I think I looked like I was ready to spit into his face O.o