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Dilemma of a blogger. It’s perfect 21 degree cel weather outside right now, and I’m torn between sparing some free time to blog or to go out and enjoy the weather. I would love to be outside, but from a reader’s point of view, I’ll love it if the blogger updates often. ㅋㅋ Anyway I’ll be out with an awesome vlogger later on, so I’ll save my energy for later!😛

Protests in the city hall 시청 and 광화문 area is pretty common and it seems like there’s something going on every other weekend. I’ve walked past (through) quite a number of protests before and last week or so, I was in the area again. It was a HUGE protest and certainly one of the biggest scale (out of the few I’ve seen). I’m clueless about politics here, but it seems like an anti-government (president) protest.

It’s kinda creepy when the protest is funeral-themed.

Quite a crowd watching.

This is what they are protesting about. Naturally there were a lot of cameras / filming going on and some of the protestors were trying to hide their faces.

I don’t understand why parents will bring their babies / kids on a protest. Sure, things usually are not dangerous but I still find it irksome.

Life goes on as per normal. A stark contrast from the protest. Fruit vendor.

LOADS and I mean LOADS of police / personnel on standby. Really.

There was another protest going on in the 광화문 area and I don’t really think that the two are connected. Maybe? The one below is clearly anti-president.

Looked what I got for a souvenir!😀😀