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Sometimes I scroll through my photo album and look for blogging inspiration. But I’ve been lazy about shooting and all I see is food, food and more food photos😀 which is an awesome thing. In my point of view😀

This is not going to turn into a food blog and the 길치 in me can never remember directions well enough to make one. So let’s just enjoy the photos (and the general location of it), shall we?

The other weekend, I was at MIES CONTAINER with a friend in Gangnam. According to him (I quote his exact words – translated), this is the place where ‘all girls will know’ and it’s one of the hottest ‘dating spots or to-be place for couples or among girlfriends’ and it’s like ‘paradise’. ㅋㅋㅋ We reached there at around 10.50am and the upper floor was already fully occupied and we managed to score one of the last remaining tables at the first floor. Everyone was just chilling (with no food on the table), so I asked my friend if we are ordering. Apparently the restaurant starts at 11 am! I can only imagine when people start to arrive at the restaurant O.o Unparalleled popularity.

MIES Container Gangnam is the 5th outlet of this chain and it has an awesome deco of container trucks and a warehouse like feel. My friend suggested ordering two of the most popular dishes in the restaurant, and hence we got the salad spaghetti and the platter.

We had to order at the counter and they gave us a construction helmet (numbered) so that the waiters can find us later!! SO AWESOME. heh of course no one really wore it while waiting, but it will be an interesting sight to do so!😛 They should totally enforce this. Another quirky thing is that you have to give the servers a high 5 after receiving your food (and exiting the restaurant).

The food was awesomee too and the whole atmosphere was really good to chill. Like what my friend said, the place is full of couples (or at least guy-girl pairing) or groups of girlfriends. My friend (a guy) told me how he was here with his buddies the previous weekend and people stared at them. LOL.But I think it’s an awesome place for a guys hangout too.

I fully understood how popular the place is when we finally exited the place.  There were people queuing in the restaurant, outside and the queue extended wayy back to behind the building. o.O My friend said it was basic to wait at least 30 minutes and 2 hours waiting time was not uncommon too. I guess I was really lucky!

This is near exit 9 of Gangnam Station (within 5 min walk).