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Power Bloggers. Not sure if it is a term coined by Koreans, but it is definitely a very commonly used term here. 파워 블로거. I’m sure many of us read blogs and we all have a few of our own favorites. There was a time when I really wanted to read Korean blogs but I have no idea where to start searching. True, Naver’s blog page introduces many interesting blogs everyday. But still, I am restricted to a site and it’s annoying trying to maintain my reading list. Not a big user of RSS feeds too.

And then I discovered TNM Reader!! Basically, it’s an app reader that collates the posts of a large group of power bloggers, nicely categorized into many categories and also according to the time of posting. And you can even bookmark your favorite blogs / posts. Awesome, isn’t it? I’m not sure if I have introduced this app before.😛

So from now on, you can easily access reading materials. True, real writing from Korean bloggers.

The best thing about it is that since it’s an app, you don’t have to deal with annoying ads / pop-ups / distracting stuff so common on Korean blog sites. And browsing becomes so much easier!! I’ve been using it to get some reading done when I’m on the go.

Download the app HERE. I’m obviously bias towards Apple but you can always google it to find the Android version etc!

I am not a fan of using phone apps to learn Korean but I love using them to supplement my learning😀 So I will be introducing interesting apps by Korean companies that either helps you in learning Korean (everything can be made use of) or that it is helpful in some way when you are in Korea! ^^