@LycheePocky: @hangukdrama just wondering….how do you overcome making lots of mistakes in your korean writing. I have like tons of them.

So I just received this tweet. I’m now alone in a cafe drinking iced choco and since I’ve the time now, Ive decided to blog-reply her. ^^

Memories are fuzzy now. But I didnt remember making any huge grammar mistakes right from the start. I was horrible in particles at times and some of my phrases are a little awkward but nothing major. It may sound strange but I feel comfortable writing in Korean. But unfortunately it isnt the same with Japanese.

I sidetracked. The best way to overcome mistakes is to make loads of them. I used to write in my Naver blog and random nice Koreans will correct it for me. The best way to overcome it is to have some embarrasing experiences. If you write something wrongly, and get laughed at or teased, you will remember it forever. Corrections from people help too. I find that if I dont learn seriously from their corrections, I’ll be wasting their time.

Make use of google. If you write a sentence and especially a phrase, chances are that someone on the internet would have written the same thing. Unless you write things like ‘the unicorn studied with me under the coffee tree’ or something. For example, if you are not sure whether its 병에 걸렸다 or 병을 걸렸다, try inputing the phrase and see what comes up. If you get like no results for one of them, you can be sure that that’s the incorrect one.

Lastly, read more. Reading and writing skills are very much connected and the more you read, the better you can write. You can see how Korean writing style is and try to follow some of their phrases, the way they structure their writing etc. ^^

Hope that’s helpful. If anyone has any questions, feel free to tweet, email me or simply leave a comment.

I’ll try to reply to all of them. Although dont expect a blog-reply for all quesions xD