SKIS just contacted me about their new Facebook Page! I’m sure most of us don’t actively access the website for updates etc and now you can get easily get the most recent updates (on classes, events, TOPIK) etc on Facebook.


Thanks to the page, I just realized that the registration for the next TOPIK is starting soon. Like SOON. 30th July to 10th August!! Seriously, it just feels like not too long ago that I took the Apr TOPIK and got back my results in June…

Okay. I’ll be back in Singapore in time to register. Anyone up for it? Hopefully I can upgrade my Level 5 to a Level 6 this time😀

Anyone in Singapore wants to meet up for a casual talk nonsense (kpop, korean, korea etc) session early August? Just asking.

And I have been reading too many ermm interesting Singapore/Malaysia blogs that my writing style has been slightly affected. -.- More.. casual I guess?😀

Anyway I’ve been rotting my last week in Seoul away and watching loads of Japanese dramas and studying Japanese. If you are interested to know.