Japanese Language Resources

Since I’m starting to pick up Japanese, I thought it will be a good idea to create a new page for the sites/books that I’m using. Note that some/most of the resources are written in Korean, since I’m using Korean to study Japanese most of the time ^^ Links to further details/reviews will be posted (coming soon!)

Online Tutorials

Reading Practice

Japanese Language Learning Books

I tend to use books written in Korean or Chinese. Korean books are good in that Korean is very similar to Japanese and thus these books usually offer more explanation on common mistakes that Koreans usually make while learning Japanese. It also gives a clearer comparison between Korean and Japanese and I find that very helpful. I feel that Chinese has a much wider/better range of resource books compared to English when it comes to learning Asian languages like Japanese or Korean. They are cheaper too ^^

  • NEW TOP 일본어 첫걸음 (입문 / 초급)
  • 일본어 무작정 따라하기
  • 일본어 문법 무작정 따라하기
  • KUJAP シリーズ 日本語
  • 初級日本語問題集 (click for a review)

A very comprehensive list on Japanese learning resources. I will only post links that I’ve tried on this blog post.

2 thoughts on “Japanese Language Resources”

  1. 캬!!! this is so cool! Thanks a bunch! ^^

  2. Anonymous said:

    if you dnt mind can u leave sme links on where i can learn korean and japanese from the beginning ~in english plz~ kamsamida

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