Korean Language Resources

Tidied up the list! ^^ There will be a link here to book reviews I’ve done but feel free to check out the categories Korean Textbook Reviews andKorean Studying Tools for more resources not listed here!

Korean Language Resources

Tools for learning Korean

  • Daum Dictionary (English-Korean) (Kor-Kor)
    An excellent online dictionary. You can search in both English and Korean, however it is more suitable to use it as a korean-english dictionary as it offers plenty of sample constructions and sentences.
  • Naver Open Dictionary / Naver 신어 Dictionary  For the more advanced learner. Newly coined words and slangs.
  • Pronounciation guide
    A super amazing programme. Type in anything in Hangul and it churns out the correct pronunciation for you. No more worries on how to pronounce complicated looking words like 옮다.

Online Tutorials

  • TalktomeinKorean
    The BEST site ever to learn Korean. Read more about it here.
  • Sogang Online Lessons
    Created by Sogang university, the site offers a range of online lessons with exercises catered for the elementary to the intermediate. Highly recommended for self learners. Good for learning grammar.
  • KoreanClass101.com
    Interesting podcasts that is updated really frequently. It has lessons ranging from newbie series to the advanced lessons. I particularly love the audio blogs which is entirely in Korean (helps to train your listening skills). Requires subscription to access its pdf lessons.
  • Click Korean
    20 Lessons by Seoul University suitable for beginners. I like the fact that there is korean subtitles below each conversation window so that we can follow the conversation easily.

Other good learning sites

Advanced Internet Resources

Korean Language Learning Books

Textbook Series – Beginner to Advanced

Most of the major Korean universities have their own textbook series and are available in the major languages – Chinese, Japanese, English and others.

Stand-alone Guide Books / mini series

  • Teach Yourself Korean
    Not for the serious learner. All grammar points are explained in romanisation and the explanations tend to be hard to understand and the book is more aimed for the traveler (the contexts used). One consolation is that the conversation passage is in Hangul. Probably this series will be better for languages that don’t require romanisation, eg Spanish. ^^
  • Using Korean: A guide to Contemporary Usage (intermediate-advanced)
  • College Korean, College Korean Intermediate
    2 books by Clare You and Eunsu Cho and they are frequently used as textbooks in university Korean courses. I have never read College Korean, but I do recommend the intermediate book. The texts are abit dry but does offer new knowledge on Korean history etc. But the grammer points are well explained and suitable for self learners. They do have the online version with everything available. However, I still recommend getting the book in order not to strain your eyesight😀 (Well, I borrowed mine from the library!)

credits to theselflearner.blogspot.com

  • Elementary Korean, Continuing Korean
    Again, another 2 books series (by Ross King). Again, I can only comment on the 2nd book since I have not looked at the elementary one before. It has alot of explanations on grammer points, but I personally find their wordings abit confusing. But it’s still a good book to learn vocabulary. They introduce many new words per chapter. BUT, I advise against buying it unless you have much spare cash. Continuing Korean retails at $139 (or more, I can’t remember) at Borders Singapore >< (As usual, I borrowed my copy from the library :D).
  • Modern Korean – An Intermediate Reader
    Published in 2000, this book is one of the older korean-learning books in the market. What I particularly liked is that the exercises are very relevant as it provides around 12 English sentences per chapter to translate using the stated grammar structure taught in that chapter. (however there is no answer key) The reading passages are a tad boring and more geared toward providing knowledge of the Korean culture, its history and folk stories. (which is both its selling point and disadvantage) If you are one of those who prefer reading modern dialogues, you may be put off by the passages. But if you are interested in finding out more about Korea, this is a good book to pick up!

KLPT / TOPIK Preparatory books

  • Complete Guide to the TOPIK – Basic / Intermediate / Advanced 
  • KLPT Practice Books (available in 조급,중급,고급)

Advanced Books / Resources

139 thoughts on “Korean Language Resources”

  1. Hi. May I know how to get the KLPT textbooks? Thanks!:)

  2. hangukdrama said:

    Hello Eleanor ^^ I’ve alr emailed you. But for others who want to know..

    NUS extension (Park Mall 12 Floor)

    There are 3 different books (elementary,intermediate and advanced). Each costs $45.

    You may want to call them up to see if they have the books in stock. (: Tel: 6338 8400
    Of course, that’s provided you live in Singapore.

    For those overseas, you can check out online bookstores i guess ^^ not too sure (:

    • Teresa Lau said:

      Do you know which bookshop in Singapore sells the text books Active Korean ( Books 1,2 & 3) designed by The Korean Language Education Center, Seoul National University?

      • A lot of language centres use it. Last I checked, ganada is selling it for $28 per book.
        You can try kino too but they sell it for a lot more.

        And if you could do me a favour, if you know anyone who is looking to buy the whole series of integrated korean, please help me! ^^

  3. hihi! may i know how different is the textbook by kyunghee uni that you have and the one being used by SKS? is the cover design different, ‘cos i don’t see it in the picture..

  4. hangukdrama said:

    hello (: Well, basically the content is the same just that it’s in chinese instead of english. and it does not come with the CD. It’s supposed to be sold separately but the shops didn’t have them.

    The cover design is different, I’ll upload a pic for you tmr, com is lagging now

  5. hey it’s okies! no need for that trouble ya! =] anyway if you are looking for the english version with cd, nus has it. but it’s 38.30bucks..

  6. Hello,

    I have used some of the resources you mention on this post and I would like to give you my opinion about them.

    I have been using “Elementary Korean” and “Continuing Korean” as a basis to learn Korean by myself.
    These books are great at teaching vocabulary and putting it into meaningful contexts and discussions.
    However, I thought that the grammar part in these books is relatively limited.
    After studying the first book, I had learned many words, but I was unable to use them in meaningful ways.

    Therefore I looked for another source for Korean grammar. And I found the website http://www.koreanclass101.com which provides great grammar points.
    But in this case, the vocabulary that is offered to the reader is quite limited in comparison with the grammar that is taught.

    So for me, the combination of these 2 books and this website has worked very well!

    • hangukdrama said:

      Hi Gilles!
      hmm yeah I agree with you about the grammar part being limited. I didn’t really like their explanations too. I fele that the grammar points in ‘Continuing Korean’ are relatively simple compared to the intermediate books of other series. Try the integrated Korean series, I find it good too (:

      I love koreanclass101.com too! That was the first online learning site that i went to.

      nice to meet you!

  7. koreannewbie said:

    thanks for compiling this list of resources! I cannot understand the Chinese resources unfortunatley -_-

    but you have helped me out a lot! I am going to try some of them as soon as I get out of school! =)

  8. hangukdrama said:

    Hello (: I’ll be adding more resources soon!

    anw there’s a broken link for the pronouncation guide. It seems that they took that software off the server ):

  9. koreannewbie said:

    Here is another link someone recommended in the K101 forums:


    It has a massive amount of vocabulary audio files with english and korean to listen to while driving or whatever!

  10. Thanks for this abundant list of Korean Learning resources! I look forward to your next batch soon!😀

    I was really planning on buying the “Elementary Korean” book, but I’m not so sure it’s worth it… :S

  11. hangukdrama said:

    Hi Hazel (:

    nice to meet you! I’ll add more links soon. ^^

    anw, it’s best if you are able to borrow a copy from the library or browse through it in the bookshop first. in this way, you can be sure if you wanna buy it. (But i still think the price is a little steep >< )

    • BeginnerInKorean said:

      hi im from Singapore too. i wanted to know if Korean textbooks are found in Singapore? Quite desperate here…😀 SHINee’s(famous korean group which you can google) reality shows got me really interested in learning Korean….

  12. twinnystar said:

    hi, may i know the link for the pronunciation guide? because it seems to be broken on the link.

  13. hangukdrama said:

    hi twinnystar (:

    thanks for reporting the broken link. I managed to find another site that hosted the programme. so the link is fixed😀

  14. hi!

    thinking of buying the KLEAR workbooks from amazon.. but not sure if it’s going to be worthed it. any idea how much are they sold in singapore? if possible, could you scan the content pages and email me? it’s okay if you can’t! =]


    • Don’t know if you’ll be checking back through here or not, but I recently purchased the KLEAR textbooks from amazon.com and they have taught me a lot. But, unless you get the textbook and workbook, you won’t get enough repetition or grammar practice as you would otherwise.

  15. hangukdrama said:

    Hello (:

    Are you from Singapore? If so, you can go borrow the books from the library (: It’s so much cheaper and convenient. I’m not sure if it’s worth it to collect the textbooks, once I finished them I don’t really need to refer to it again.
    I’m sorry I can’t scan it for you, I did not borrow any at the moment.😀

  16. hello!

    yups, i’m from singapore! oh? they have workbooks in the library too? cool.. thanks! how’s your korean coming along? ^^

  17. hangukdrama said:

    ooh oops! sorry i misread your comment. I kept thinking about textbooks rather than workbooks. so sorry! :X

    hmm I have not seen the workbooks before. So I can’t give my opinion on them. ><

    My korean’s coming on fine😀 I will be taking TOPIK this year. ^^ Are you currently taking any korean course?

  18. zaizai27 said:


    whoaa.. u have really nice blog.. u share a lot of info that i need..

    저는 말레이시아 사라미에요.지금 한글을 배워요. 하지만 아직 잘 할수 없어요. so if u notice any mistake, please correct me.. ^__^

    i will sit KLPT end of this year. i’ve been looking for KLPT book here but i cant find any.. can u please help me get it from spore?

  19. hangukdrama said:

    안녕하세요 ^^

    정말 반가워요. I’m happy to hear that you like my blog (: haha I’m going to take KLPT this year again and try for TOPIK too.

    as for the KLPT books, I heard from my friend that they recently had a new rule saying that only NEX students can buy the books. >< So perhaps it will be easier to order from Korea.

    I’ll be updating this page soon will more resources (:

  20. zaizai27 said:

    huhuhu.. so sad.. i really need workbook to practice my korean..

    do u have any suggestion regarding workbook?

  21. hangukdrama said:

    hmm not really >< I usually rely more on textbooks. For exercies, I just do those on the Sogang’s online programme. I chat with my korean friends too (best form of practice) ^^

  22. 안녕하세요!
    Thanx for all these information.
    Do you know where to buy any Korean storybooks by the way?

  23. hangukdrama said:

    안녕하세요 wan님!

    you mean korean novels? the only place I know is Sol Mart (a korean mart) I always go to the outlet at B1 Cineleisure (: I know Square 2 has an outlet too!

    좋은 하루 되세요

  24. korean friends? how do you find them>??

  25. hangukdrama said:

    hi twinnystar:

    오랫만이네요! haha you can try http://www.tt4you.com it is a language exchange website. (: I met some of my korean friends there.


  26. twinnystar said:

    Hi, may i know whether the tt call is free or not.
    Thanks a lot

  27. hangukdrama said:

    haha yeah it’s free (:

  28. twinnystar said:

    고맙습니다 ~

  29. Anonymous said:

    hello everyone!

    i’m from the philippines and is really interested to learn the korean language…it seems, you guys are friendly here, so i was just wondering if, maybe, any one could be my friend…? i’m just a starter so basically, i’m zero-knowledged so far…

    by the way, thanks for the links and infos..really appreciate it…


    • hangukdrama said:

      hello! (:

      wow nice to meet you ^^ I’m always delighted to meet others who are interested in korean as well.

      what got you interested in korean? dramas?😀

  30. hi!

    yeah, that is actually my primary reason..:)(boys over flowers!!!!i love lee min ho!)

    i’ve been looking for some textbooks here but unfortunately i haven’t seen a good one..haaay..

    • hangukdrama said:

      haha! i LOVE bbf too! (: haha take your time to look for the textbooks. You will find one that is suitable for you!

      • hope so..=)
        hey! can i ask if how long it took you to learn korean? was it difficult? but you’re from singapore so i guess you didn’t have a hard time?

      • hangukdrama said:

        haha i have been learning korean for nearly 1.5 years already. ^^ I’m now able to read novels (with the help of the dictionary of course). haha
        hmm where are you from?

  31. philippines…

    wow really! did you have tutorial lessons or learned just by yourself?

    so you now understand korean dramas even without subs? wow..that is so amazing…

    • hangukdrama said:

      haha i had formal elementary lessons in Singapore Korean school. After that it’s all self study ^^
      haha i can follow korean dramas without subs only 50% of the time😀 trying to improve on it these days

  32. I have finished elementary Korean, and I think it gave me a solid base for a beginner.
    I was wondering what level you think the Continuing Korean textbook is equivalent to in the Integrated Korean series? Intermediate 1? Or lower than Intermediate 1?

    Thanks for the list!

    • hangukdrama said:

      hey chole (:

      haha i think that there are about the same standard. however, i prefer the explanation in the integrated korean series.

      by the time i am at intermediate 2, the continuing korean texbook looks quite easy to me. (:


  33. Thank you for your advice hangukdrama! then I will go for the integrated korean series next!

    may i also ask how far you got up to in the integrated series? i just looked it up and saw that they have a High Advanced level! That is really intimidating right now but you will be my inspiration ha (im sure you always hear that a lot).

    • hangukdrama said:

      haha i haven’t been using that series for quite some time. Been brushing up my vocab these days.

      I’m in the middle of advanced intermediate! (:

      haha what got you interested in korean? kdramas?😛

      • I will reply to both comments in one place. Music got me interested in learning! It started 4 years ago listening to DBSK..but there was a 3 year span where I didnt do anything. And just this year I started learning cause my university has many korean 교환학생.

        I am not from Singapore! I wish i was! many celebs go there ^_^ I am from 밴쿠버. And thanks for the correction: ‘double edged sword’ Now I like that quote a whole lot better!

      • Hello Korean language genius, I was wondering if you know how to get the answer solutions (answer key) to the questions inside the Integrated Korean KLEAR textbook series. I’m always wondering whether I answered the questions correctly or not…

      • Hi Stellar, nope i dont know any ways of obtaining the answers

  34. hangukdrama said:

    haha cool (: i got started becos of kdramas.
    have fun studying korean and do drop by often!

  35. Hi! I´m planning to get some Korean books for autumn in the summer, and I may go to China, where these books are available and quite cheap.

    I was wondering how do you find the Yonsei 100 hours books? I´m thinking of getting hold of those, since they come with a CD. Is there audio available for the Kyunghee books? Are there explanations in the books (I guess they are in Chinese, but that´s okay)? Thanks for your advice!🙂

    • hangukdrama said:

      yes audio is available for the kyunghee books, but workbooks are sold separately and so far, I haven’t manage to find them yet. There are explanations for grammar points too.

      I bought my Yonsei 100 hours books in singapore, but i guess they should be widely available in china. yeap the explanations are all in chinese.

      both sets of books are good in their own ways ^^ so you can think of getting both so that it’s more comprehensive

  36. Okay, thanks. I think I will have a look at both, which one I like better.🙂 But I think I may buy book s from both series, if they´re great, since here it is so hard to get Korean books or they are just too expensive.

  37. Hi, which of the books that you have listed are workbooks? (With the exception of the KLPT book) And what Korean workbooks can be found in Singapore bookstores?

  38. And is it possible to learn Korean purely through self-studying, cos’ I am in Sec 4 now… Don’t really have time to go SKS for elementary lessons. (Btw, I have stable Japanese basics)

    • hangukdrama said:

      hmm that really depends on the individual (: But if you are self studying, you must make sure that you get the basics/foundations right ^^ especially the pronounication.

  39. any good workbooks u recommend that can be bought in SG? I really need workbooks cos i cant depend on sogang due to my slow Internet.

    • hangukdrama said:

      hmm there really aren’t any workbooks that i know of in singapore. >< compared to jap resources, korean textbooks are really limited in choice! most workbooks have to be ordered through the internet.

  40. hmm guess i’ve to persuade my parents to get the integrated korean workbook. Thanks anyway, hangukdrama.

  41. 韩语点样用, is this available in the Chinese section? Cos’ I’ve been to the main Korean language section (near Japanese language books) but I didn’t see any thing like this.😡

  42. 新标准韩国语 (初1-2,中1-2,高1-2)

    do you have the accompanying mp3 files for these books?

  43. HI!i’m new at learning korean. Can you recommend me some books which i can borrow from the library that i can use for self study?

    • hangukdrama said:

      Hi Chantal! ^^

      Are you Singaporean? If so, you can find the integrated korean series or Beginning Korean in the libraries ^^

      • hahas yes i am Singaporean. Which publisher is the integrated series from? I saw some korean textbooks but i do not know which i shld choose.

      • hangukdrama said:

        hmm i think it’s from the university of hawai’i press. ^^ you can check it online~

  44. Hey, may i know if only NUS students can buy those KLPT practice books? Is there a book for B-KLPT? Thank you very much!

    • hangukdrama said:

      hello~ When I bought the books, there were no restrictions on who can purchase them. But I heard that only NEX students can purchase the KLPT books now. (not very sure whether it’s true, you can call them up to check ^^)
      hmm i’m not sure about the B-KLPT book too. >< so sorry!

  45. oh thank you for your reply. Do you know about any books for B-TOPIK?😀

  46. Sorry to ask you so many questions !! Also, are there guide books for Topik/Klpt in Singapore?😀. Kamsahamnida (:

    • hangukdrama said:

      yep there are. but the ones i’ve seen are in chinese. you can check out the chinese department (language section) in kino orchard ^^ [for TOPIK]

  47. eh sorry to bother you again… If i have the budget, is it possible to get books from SKS? As in, if there is a bookshop in SKS, can I just walk in and buy their textbooks?

  48. Hello~ ^.^

    I would like to ask if u know about the KLEAR textbook?
    May I know which part of Singapore Is it sold at?

    Thank u very much~!!

  49. kawaiileafy said:

    Hello~ It’s really nice to find your blog here. I’ve just started learning Korean language (I’m trying to find Korean Books in Singapore so I googled it, and your blog showed up). I’m very grateful to be able to find your blog so now I should know where I could find the books I wanted. Very nice recommendations. If you don’t mind, I’ve linked your blog to mine, so I can check back often.

    Thank you for sharing.🙂

  50. Hello!
    I have been reading your blog for quite sometimes. May i know what are the different between Topik and klpt? Seen this 2 words alot in your blog. hehheh.😀

    • hi Myyong! (:

      TOPIK and KLPT are basically the 2 korean proficiency test administered by Korea. Both tests can be used if you want to work/study in korea, but certain organisations may prefer one over the other!

      TOPIK is more difficult in that it has a writing and essay component while personally, i find the KLPT has a more rigourous listening component!

      Perhaps I’ll do a proper post on the differences between the 2 next time! (: it’s tough to write everything out in the comments section ^^

  51. ohh thks! It would be great if you make a post for that.😀 Looking forward to it!
    Erm, do you know anything abt internships in korea? I only know there’s summer campus in korea university.

  52. BeginnerInKorean said:

    where did you manage to get the textbooks? isit from kinokuniya? i want to learn but i can’t kind korean textbooks etc etc anywhere

    • Yup! Kinokuniya sells most of the Chinese/English texts that I’ve mentioned but the English ones can get real ex! Some of the English books are available in the library too. So it’s much cheaper (actually free) to borrow! ^^

      • BeginnerInKorean said:

        Thanks alot!!!! You really helped me with this! but do you also know where they are located? because i went there a couple of times but i still can’t find it (i suppose i searched the wrong floors ><). thanks😀

  53. flyndancez said:

    I am gonna start buying some of the books you mentioned… hehe… =)

  54. Hi😀 May I know the names of some of the book stores that sell Korean textbooks ? I only know some of the basics, so I want to improve on it😀 Thank you (:

  55. do you have the ISBN number for 新标准韩国语 (初1-2,中1-2,高1-2. Give at least 1 ISBN number, so that i know the cover page and the author name ^^


  56. Sorry…

    Wonder what is the english title for these books:新标准韩国语 (初1-2,中1-2,高1-2).

    Do anyone here could give me the ISBN numbe ^^

  57. Hi, I am now learning Korean with TTMIK @ Level 2. Which book should i buy 1st??

  58. Hello!!!

    I have been looking for an English-Korean dictionary online with Korean audio pronunciation online but couldn’t find it. Any idea if there’s one somewhere?

    Great blog. Keep going..🙂

  59. Raymond Chong said:

    Hey, may I just ask how long you’ve been learning korean? Self learning and you’ve achieved such standard, you must have been very self disciplined?

  60. is there any bookstores in singapore still selling 싱표중 한국어 新标准韩国语? corse i found this quite good. currently i know basic korean, know how to write, know how to say and roughly know whats the meaning. so now i only not sure of the proper sentence structure.

  61. Anonymous said:

  62. hi shanna! i listened to your interview on talktomeinkorean.com, omg you’re soooo fluent! i’m mad jealous but then i only started learning a month plus ago hahaha. i have such a long way to go, it’s not even funny.

    i was wondering when you stopped classroom learning and started self-study?

    i’m now taking beginner 1 with nus extension and supplementing it with talktomeinkorean’s podcasts. i wish the nus ext classes could be more intensive/frequent. i’m at a point where i have plenty of time (and enthusiasm), so i’m contemplating switching to a private language school that does more frequent lessons for beginner 2. 3 times a week would be awesome😉

    • HI! Don’t worry about not progressing as fast as you would like to, learning a language takes alot of time and patience ^^

      I stopped classroom learning after 2 levels in SKS (it’s around 20 weeks?). I started self studying at the point of time when I was very free too xD So I think I was lucky. I wouldn’t have been able to invest so much time if it was during sch time. ^^

      Are there any good private language schools? I think it’s still quite hard to find decent intensive Korean lessons in Singapore (correct me if I’m wrong >.<).

      There are plenty of good books and online resources to self study with. Personally, TTMIK is the best! It wasn't established yet when I started learning korean ): The teachers there are the best (:

  63. Anonymous said:

    hey do you know of any books that will teach you the korean language? becouse me and my sister both want to learn the language.🙂

  64. do know of any books that can teach me the korean language

  65. hey, I just found your blog and I love it!🙂
    but, I was wondering if you had any recommendations for reading material (I’m not very advanced, but I don’t mind something hard – I enjoy learning lots of new vocab). I have lots of listening practice from dramas/music, and I’m using a combination of textbooks/online websites (like TTMIK) for grammar and exercises. But I’ve found that I’m very slow at reading 한굴 and I’m not picking up much vocab.
    It might be a bit to specific, but just any kind of low-level books or readers? I’ve tried looking around on the internet, but everything is too difficult or full of slang for me to understand:/
    Anyway, if you can help at all, that would be great! Best of luck on your language endeavors🙂

    • Thanks for leaving a comment! ^^

      Are you looking for textbook reading materials or ‘real’ reading materials? I started out on reading entertainment news as I find that they are the easiest and the jargon is easy to pick up after awhile.


      if you are looking at textbooks, the upper intermediate levels of Integrated Korean are good ^^

      • Thanks so much for the quick reply! The entertainment news is easier to understand than real news – I’ll start reading that regurlary🙂 And I’ll definitely check out the Integrated Korean series, I’ve hear good things about them.
        Thanks again!

  66. Dunno whether Fred Lukoff’s “An Introductory Course in Korean” and “A First Reader in Korean Writing in Mixed Script” are still available – maybe at Kyobo – but they were the best textbooks for English speakers back then. Very solid foundations.

  67. Hi there! i chanced upon your website and i am glad that i did! i currently learning Korean at NUS extension and is in level 6 of the basic level.I still confused with the subject/topic.object maker till now..which is kind of sad to say so.I wonder is there any textbook or assessement book that you can recommend on that issue? I am so going to bookmark your webby and read up diligently.You inspire me to study harder!

  68. hi,
    what textbook is nus extension using for the korean course?

  69. Hi,

    SNU has updated their webbie. Click Korean is now located at http://language.snu.ac.kr/site/en/klec/click-korean/index.jsp

    Happy CNY!🙂

  70. Ernest Teo said:

    Hi there! Ernest here and I came across your blog by accident and found it fascinating! I would like to ask for your advise on the textbooks you used during your beginnings of self-learning. I am currently in Seoul now planning for my Korean wedding and will be heading back on this Sunday so hope you can enlightened me before I return as planning to grab some textbooks before i go. I live near Lotte World and saw they have a great bookstore there for texts but do you have other bookstores to recommend which could be cheaper or better options? Take care and my respect for your proficiency in the language as I have always dream attaining the levels you have achieved. Cheers!

  71. Xiu Hui said:

    Hello! I’m currently interested in studying the Korean language and I wonder if you have any good language schools in singapore to recommend? Also, I’ve been debating as to whether I should learn my lessons in a language school or should I do self study. How did you start our learning Korean? Can you advise me please? Thank you((:

    • hello. u can try singapore korean school! ^^ mm you should see how much time and effort you can commit, what is your learning style etc before deciding on what is the best rute to study korean (: i have written about my learning journey in the ‘about me’ section ^^ Everyone will have their own learning style (:

      • Xiu Hui said:

        I see! did you think that it was important for you to learn your foundations at the language school or do you think it’ll be the same as self studying? You are so inspiring! I hope one day I’ll be as good as you((:

      • Anonymous said:

        Hello! Are u selling away ur used korean books coz I would love to purchase it if there re still in new conditions🙂 hahaha contact me at friezy_boy38@hotmail.com. Local sporean

  72. Hi,
    I am interested to learn korean language seriously. But as a start, can you suggest to me the best books to buy for self-study? And I would like to enrol in a language school in Singapore but I’m not sure which provides the best education. (Cos I went to cambridge for the beginner’s korean class but i think it’s not that good) Thanks!!

  73. Hi😀 I’m a singaporean ^^
    And I like to ask where you bought this :
    Is it from Hong Kong? If it’s from Hongkong do you still remember which part?
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    • mmm i havent come across it. i’ll try to find it and even if i dun, maybe i can do a ‘first impressions’ kinda thing given its table of contents etc etc thanks for letting me know of the book!

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